Lactic acid peel to stimulate natural collagen production whilst deep cleaning pores and hydrating skin. Evens out the skin tone and improves hyper- pigmentation of the skin and helps to fade dark spots. Brighten the skin and improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Lactic acid peels can also improve acne prone skin, removes dead skin cells, toxins and debris. Combined with Red Light LED therapy it helps improve the skins barrier function, heals and helps generate new collagen production as well as being anti-inflammatory.
Glycolic Acid peel is perfect for people suffering from acne prone skin as well as dry or pigmented skin. it will improve the texture of the skin and stimulate collagen renewal. It contains active ingredients to clear skin pores, break down congestion while brightening and hydrating. Combined with Blue Light LED therapy which specifically targets the p.acnes bacteria that causes acne without damaging healthy skin.
 *these skin treatments require preparation- please speak to your therapist to see if it’s suitable for you

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